Update on the Oil and Gas exploration activities in Somaliland.

Hargiesa(Somaliland Mirror)- In recent years Genel Energy plc and RAK Gas LLC entered into production sharing agreements with the government of Somaliland and started a hydrocarbon exploration process.

The basins identified by the initial stage of exploration required a more detailed study and techniques , and in order to achieve that end a 2D seismic acquisition project was conducted.

In Dec 2016, BGP Inc. (a Chinese national seismic contractor and the leading company in onshore seismic won the international tender held by the Ministry began the acquisition of seismic data for Genel Energy on blocks SL6, SL7a, SL10 & SL13 in a multi-client 2D seismic acquisition project managed by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals; and it was concluded in Jan 2018.

Processing and interpretation of the acquired 2D seismic data of over 4,300km lines in five blocks, together with basin analysis has yielded in identification of multiple stacked prospects, and now we have – along with our partners – a clear vision of the prospectivity of Somaliland basins where the oil and gas exploration surveys took place and exploration drilling is planned in the near future.

After the results of the interpretation of seismic data were obtained; it became necessary to perform further and detailed studies to increase the probability of finding commercial accumulation and decrease risks of unsuccessful drilling which is the last remaining stage of the exploration stages.

Hence, in mid 2019; RAK Gas carried out a microseepage survey in the western parts of Block SL9; in order to minimize the risks of drilling exploration wells in that block, while Genel energy implemented another kind of seepage analysis called macroseepage in late 2019; also to de-risk drilling wells and better understand the seismic data results.

Although the initial results of the interpretation of both macro and micro seepage surveys seem to be very promising; it is yet to be completed, and as we stated above it is essential for de-risking drilling wells and better understanding the results of the seismic survey.

Exploration drilling is planned in the coming year, to determine whether the targeted hydrocarbons are commercial and viable for production or not, especially after the successful completion of the previous oil and gas exploration stages (Desk study, Satellite Imagery, gravity and aeromagnetic survey, seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation project and macro/micro seepages).

Source: Somaliland Energy Ministry 08 January 2020

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