“The impeachment motion against president Farmaajo is still valid” said the Somali parliament speaker.

Mogadisho(somalilandmirror.com)- Speaker of the House of parliament in Somalia,  Mr Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman has issued a letter suggesting that the impeachment motion against president Farmaajo is still valid and says it will take procedural steps according to the constitution and rules of the Parliament.

This comes after the House Administrative Director, Mr Abdikarim Haji Abdi Buuh, on Tuesday issued a letter stating  that the motion submitted to the Speaker on December 9, by 92 legislators, did not meet signatories’ threshold.

“I have seen letters sent to the office by 14 MPs, stating they did not endorse the motion,”

Mr Buh stated that if the 14 were deducted from the original 92 parliamentarians said to have endorsed the motion, 78 would remain, falling short of the minimum requirement.

The Farmaajo administration tried without success to distance it self from the previous Somali governments, arguing that thier government is working in harmony with the other political institutions in the country, however what is happening right now reminding everyone of how fragile the state is.

This fresh political problems is another hurdle facing the international community in thier efforts to support the Somali government for years.

The parliamnt also last week  criticised the Finance ministry and the Municipality of Mogadishu for financial irregularity.

The international community pump billions of dollars to support the Somali government.

It’s remain to be seen what step the international community may take.


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