Somaliland’s Human rights watch report

The Somaliland government severely restricted reporting and free expression on issues deemed controversial or overly critical of the authorities.

There was a sinificant number of arbitrary arrests of journalists and temporary closure of media outlets. On February 10, the regional court in Hargeisa suspended the Foorenewspaper for one year and fined the editor, Abdirashid Abdiwahab Ibrahim, 3 million Somaliland shillings (US$300). The newspaper was accused of spreading misinformation after it reported on the building of a new presidential palace in Hargeisa. The ban on Foore was lifted in August.

The government also arbitrarily arrested perceived government critics.On January 12, poet Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan (known as “Abdirahman Abees”) was arbitrary arrested and charged with “insulting the police” after he highlighted various due process abuses in Somaliland. He was acquitted and released on February 25.

Source: Human rights watch

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