Somaliland political parties agreed to hold elections in 2020.

Hargiesa(Somaliland Mirror)-President Bihi and opposition leaders of Waddani and UCID have reached a new agreement where the President will back off from his recent position of opening up new party registration two years ahead of its schedule and the opposition parties will accept the recently formed Election Commission with Mr. Abdirashid Riyoraac as its Chairman.

The new agreement includes adopting comperhensive electoral framework involving New technical election management unit ( TEMU ) and mechanism for dispute resolution.

The formation of ( TEMU ) consist of old election commissioners and International Community representatives.

The new agreement between the President and the Opposition Parties was brokered by the European union ambassador, Mr Nicholas Berlanga .

It’s reported that Mr Nicholas Berlanga had meetings with the President, the Chief Justice of Somaliland Mr. Adan Haji Ali and the opposition parties before the signing of the agreement.

Below is the complete text of the agreement in English.

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