Somaliland is fully committed to working with the UN after Muqdisho’s decesion to expel the UN chief envoy.

Hargiesa( a press release statement by the Somaliland government;

“The Somaliland government has expressed their concern over the decision by the Somali Federal government to expel the United Nations chief envoy to Somalia Mr Nicholas Haysom.

The Somaliland government, assured the UN that it is fully committed to working with the UN, and further would like to make it clear that the decision of the Somali Federal government have nothing to do with Somaliland.

In addition, the Somaliland government has always held that any activities of the Somali Federal government are its own internal affairs and have no relevance to Somaliland.

Furthermore, the Somaliland government appreciate the great efforts of the United Nations in the fields of humanitarians, and development.

In the same time the Somaliland government would like to congratulate the UN envoy Mr Nicholas Haysom of his effortless work with regard to mediating between Somaliland and Somalia.

Finally, the Somaliland government believes that the decision to expel the UN envoy Mr Nicholas Haysom is driven by hidden agenda that may have negative consequence for the region”.

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