” Somaliland has regressed in the last two years of Bihi’s leadership”. Faisal A Warabe

Hargiesa ( Somaliland Mirror)- The chairman of the opposition party UCID, Faisal Ali Warabe was welcomed by thousands of supporters at Haregeisa’s Igal International Airport. Faisal Ali Warabe was quick to address his supporters with a press conference speech. The Chairman commenced his speech by stating in the last two years Somaliland’s government often responded very harshly to any form of criticism coming from opposition parties or journalists. The government’s approach has frequently included intimidation, threats and prosecution.

The Chairman assured his party supporters by promising that UCID is prepared to defy the governments methods of oppression by bringing light to their poor governing practices.

Chairman Warabe continued to reiterate his points by stating that Somaliland has regressed in the last two years of Bihi’s leadership and the country needs urgent change of direction as President Bihi cannot continue with his poor leadership for the remaining 3 years of his administration.

Faisal Ali Warabe called for an immediate resolution over the dispute of the election in order to restore the systems of checks and balance in the country .

The Chairman expressed concerns over the political system of the Executive branch dominating the government. This can lead to complete power being held by one branch of the government (the Executive branch) and the remaining two (parliament and Judiciary) are undermined or ignored.

The Chairman declined to comment on the recent reports of the government planning to issue a warrant for his arrest.

All of this comes just before the rescheduled meeting on 10th Jan 2020, where the government and opposition parties are planning to resolve the dispute over electoral commission that was proposed by the mediation group.

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