Somaliland: Further delay by government in implementing the electrol dispute proposal.

Hargiesa ( Somaliland Mirror)- President Muse Bihi and the leaders of opposition parties delayed settling the dispute over the electoral commission for another two weeks to spill over to the new year. The chairman of the opposition party, Waddani, said the president requested the period to find a way to implement the proposals of the mediation committee. 

This came in the second meeting of president Bihi and the leaders of opposition parties, Abdirahman Irro, and Faisal Ali Warabe at the presidential palace.

Vice president Abdirahman Zaili’i speaking after the meeting said the implementation of the mediation committee proposals needed time to finalize legal aspects. He said the government will work on the legal aspects of the mediation committee proposals until January Tenth. 

The vice president voiced the government’s commitment to holding elections which he said were instrumental to Somaliland’s salvation.

Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro, the chairman of Waddani party, on his part, announced that opposition agreed to grant the government the grace period it requested. He said that the people of Somaliland will hear good news on January tenth with a decision leading the country into an election.

The current framework for ending the prolonged deadlock over the electoral election was put forward by an independent mediation committee comprising prominent businessmen and religious leaders.

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