Somaliland and Somalia are forced to find alternatives in Djibouti talks.

Three opportunities brought about Sunday’s meeting. 

“The first and most important, Somaliland failed its quest to get recognition, and they are forced to find alternatives; and Somalia failed to form a government in Mogadishu that doesn’t include Somaliland.

This is a mutually hurting stalemate. They both hit their heads on the wall, they are forced to seek the next best option.” 

The third opportunity is that powers that may have had different views on Somalia issues including Ethiopia, Djibouti, United States, the African Union and the European are now on the same position. This opportunity didn’t exist before.  

Also said the Somali government is prepared to make a political as well as economic concession to Somaliland.   

The challenges is that the president of Somalia is in the final year of his term and the Ethiopia prime minister is facing calls for elections that had been delayed by the coronavirus. 

Also the international community is not putting a lot of weight behind these talks. 

Ther is no political capital investment in this initiative by the international community, this issue is being handled by their embassies, this is not enough.

Afyare Elmi, an assistant professor at Qatar University

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