Somalia to export first shipment of Banana to Saudi Arabia

Somalia on Wednesday announced the resumption of its banana export for first time in decades, officials said, in what many say is encouraging step to the Somali businesses to get their products sold.

Somalia has been in mayhem and decades of civil unrest and weak transitional governments led to the decline of the banana export, leaving the Somali business community to have their products sold locally.

The first shipment of the banana export which consists of two containers will be shipped to Saudi Arabia.

Somalia ministry of Agriculture and Geel project worked together to ensure the banana quality before being exported with the aim of reviving the banana industry.

In a press briefing attended by representatives of Somali champer of commerce and Geel project on the occation of the launch of the Banana export at the Mogadishu port, Somalia Minister of Agriculture, Said Hussein Iid told reports that his ministry urged the Somali farmers to double the local production in order to be able to sell in world markets.

Geel Project is USAID funded project that promotes inclusive economic growth in Somalia- collectively helped the Somali business community to show their business at the international markets.

The US government through its International development branch USAID heavily invested in Somalia business with proven results.

Source: Observer

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