“President Bihi failed to implement the electoral dispute proposal”.Waddani chairman

Hargiesa ( Somaliland Mirror)- In a joint press conference the chairman of Waddani Party, Abdirahman Irro with his UCID counterpart, Faisal Ali Warabe, said, president Muse Bihi will not implement the mediation group proposal to break the deadlock over the electoral commission.

Abdirahman Irro ,added that the president’s response meant he failed to keep his promise on the mediation committee proposals. 

This came after opposition leaders met with president Bihi at his office earlier today. This was the third meeting between the president and the opposition leaders after both sides accepted the proposals of the mediation committee. 

On the other hand, the Second deputy chairman of the ruling Kulmiye party, Ahmed Abdi Dheere said, the government could not find legal grounds to implement the mediation group proposal . He added that his party is ready for any compromise that can lead to an election in the country, provided it’s within the legal framework 

Somaliland’s international partners commended the initiative and adopted it as the framework for resolving the deadlock. 

It’s not known yet what is the opposition leaders next move will be, however Waddani’s chairman, Abdirahman Irro, demanded the electoral commission to immediately resign. He also urged all the stakeholders including the international community to intervene.

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