President Bihi announced that he will open the door for new political parties to solve the electoral dispute.

Hargiesa ( Somaliland Mirror)- President Bihi announced that he will open the registration of new political parties as a solution for the election dispute. However to do that president Bihi will require to amend the electoral law and repeal the 10 year cycle requirement to open the door for new political parties. current time table indicates that this is suppose to happen 2022.

The opposition parties quickley responded by saying that they are not against an early political parties election, as long as they come with an early presidential and parliamentary elections too, and before any elections there is still a need and demand for a neutral electoral commission to hold all these elections.

The president move is seen as a delaying tactics by many political commentators in Somaliland.

It’s also expected that Somaliland’s international partners will not welcome this move by the president.

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