Mohamoud Hashi plans to challenge President Bihi on Kulmiye party chairman.

Hargiesa ( Somaliland Mirror)- Somaliland’s politician Mohamoud Hashi Abdi has recently announced that he is standing as a candidate to lead the ruling Kulmiye party.

Mohamoud Hashi who served as a minister for 7 years during the administration of president Silanayo (2010-2017) was one of the most important key players during that time.

Mohamoud Hashi was elected the mayor of Burao city at the tender age of 27, the city that hosted the most important and significant event in Somaliland in May 1991 when Somaliland declared itself as an independent country.

Mohamoud Hashi overcame the most difficult challenge at that time in Somaliland of hosting such a big event in a city that witnessed a war for several years and that was broken into pieces as a result.

He also served as a member of the first Somaliland parliament, and was a prominent member during that time.

Mohamoud Hashi is not expected to have an easy run knowing that he may run against the current president of Somaliland and chairman of Kulmiye party Muse Bihi.

It is also expected that a big number of Kulmiye party central committee members will be loyal to the president in particular those who serve under the president currently.

Mohamoud Hashi is calling president Bihi to not run for the party’s chairman, and restore Kulmiye party’s tradition of separating between the party’s chairman position and their candidate for the presidency. A tradition that Kulmiye party has followed since the beginning to keep the party united and strong.

Mohamoud Hashi is believed to have a large support amongst the supporters of the party and Somaliland.

It has been reported that the news of Mohamoud Hashi candidacy is not welcomed by president Bihi who currently is facing a political crisis and deadlock because of his handling of the electoral commission dispute.

President Bihi is also believed to fear that he may lose a significant number of the party’s supporters if he blocks Mohamoud Hashi’s candidacy.

The president is also not eager on the idea of ousting Mohamoud Hashi of the party, a policy that he adopted with few other members of the party in the past due to his popularity.

Kulmiye party’s central committee is expected to meet around April 2020 to elect the chairman of the party along other positions.

The party was established in 2002 by the former president of Somaliland, Silanyo.

Kulmiye party won a large number of seats all across Somaliland in three different local government and parliamentary elections, prior to winning the presidency election in 2010 and after one previous failed attempt in 2003.

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