A mediation group puts forward a proposal to end the dispute over the electoral commission in Somaliland.

Hargiesa (Somaliland Mirror)- A mediation group between Somaliland government and the opposition political parties ( Waddani and Ucid ) has concluded after more than two weeks of shuttling back and forth seeking a compromise with the following recommendations:

  1. To immediately dissolve the current electoral commission.
  2. To reappoint the previous electoral commission.
  3. For the opposition parties to respect and adhere the legitimate and legally binding decisions carried out by the upper house (guurti) and the Lower House of Parliament.
  4. The two years extension period for the parliament to be reviewed again by a new electoral commission, government, and the political parties.

The mediation group is made up of respected elders, businessmen and religious figures in Somaliland.

The group was set up to voluntarily break the stalemate of a political deadlock entailing the long overdue parliament election which has lasted over 1 year.

The group spoke to the local media today wholly justifying their decision while confirming the current electoral commission as not credible to lead the election.

The mediation group affirmed that the previous electoral commission did their job adequately as they were trained and qualified to run the elections effectively and efficiently. In other words, the previous electoral commission are best suited to run the elections immediately due to the wealth of their experience and familiarity with the task at hand.

It is not known yet whether the opposition political parties or the government will accept the proposal outlined by the mediation group.

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