The lost freedom of the 26 of June : why is it still celebrated?

After being a protectorate for over 70 years, Somaliland gained its extortionate freedom only to injudiciously gift it to Somalia to form a country called Republic of Somalia.

The independent Somaliland only lasted four days after an ill-judged decision was made unilaterally by Somalilanders.
Over Thirty years somalilanders paid an epensive price before they decide to bite the bullet by starting gorilla wars in the northern regions of Somalia ( Now Somaliland) in the early eighties.

After a decade, In 18th of May 1991 somaliland crossed the line and made it to the land of freedom.

looking to such history it is very strange why Somaliland celebrate 26th of June, in fact memories and moments resulted from 26th of June were far from success to honour. After only being free for four days, and instead of controlling their own existence they handed their freedom to Somalia. In fairness, Somalilanders did not expect to have a boss and servant  relationship with Somalia, but as their big brother who is welling to protect and treat with respect and dignity. However, 26th of June is when they started their journey of suffering, struggling and sorrowing towards the failed union with Somalia.
All humans have hard storms in their life and when they nurse their rough times and recover from them they do not celebrate when the storm started but when the recovery started. imagine the flag that was installed at that day was the blue flag, the same flag that somalilanders see as a symbol of killings of civilians, destruction of their cities and the symbol of the army that committed war crimes against them. How can somaliland play a version of what happened on that day when it cannot bring the role of the Blue flag on that day. The blue flag or even the blue colour is unwelcome in most cities and towns in somaliland and yet again it’s birthday is celebrated in the capital Hargeisa. Where shall we draw the line, is it ethical to dance and sing on the lost freedom, is it just fine to remember the day without its main character  or is it better to just ignore the day for its catastrophic consequences.
The 26th June was a  big thunder little rain event and it is not worth remembering, this is because the debris of the resulted experience was enough to sever the tie between Somaliland and Somalia.

A Rashid Mohamed Yusuf

Burao , Somaliland

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