“Somaliland does have a legal argument” states, US Assistant Secretary for Africa.

Washington(somalilandmirror.com)-Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy, Jr. held a press briefing in Washington DC to discuss the Trump Administration’s new Africa strategy.

Assistant Secretary Nagy discussed the wide ranging implication of the new policy and invited international media from around the world , and in a response to a question related to Somaliland.

Ambassador Nagy explained that the Somaliland question comes up constantly. Thus, demonstrating Somaliland’s desire for recognition does not go unnoticed by the US.

Ambassador Nagy further stressed that Somaliland has a legal argument, however that has to be treated in the appropriate fora.

Ambassador Nagy continued with his statement by clarifying that when it comes to recognising countries in Africa the United States consult with the African Union.

As such, the United States acknowledges that the integrity of the state of Somalia is an important precept for the African Union.

Which therefore means the United States are doing their best to strengthen the Mogadishu government, both in its economic development, but also in the security environment.

This ultimately illustrates that for the time being U.S. policy is geared towards working with Mogadishu in order to strengthen the Horn of Africa.

While the Ambassador may not mention Somaliland as an independent country,  he does implicitly however acknowledge the existence of Somaliland as a separate entity that is not ruled by Mogadishu.

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